It’s True…

Most of th dreams you have for yourself are achievable.

Life is moving forward and time stops for no (wo)man.

You will be betrayed in your life.  How you handle that betrayal will help dictate just how often it repeats itself.

“Turning the other cheek” is a nice theory but people respect those who have boundaries.  Bullies tend to continue picking on those who don’t fight back.

Relationships should be safe in every way.

If you do not like yourself, you will drain those around you.

There is so much more to you than you realize.

That person you know so well?  You don’t know everything.  Make an effort to get to know more and watch your relationship blossom.

You can exhaust yourself chasing rainbows or you can enjoy them while they last and remember them fondly when they are gone.

Passion is painful.

Love will sometime run its course and end faster than you had hoped it would.

Treating yourself well, enjoying your life, showing appreciation for what you have, giving back–these are the “secrets” to happiness.