Little Discoveries

Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firm(x): This stuff is unbelievable. It’s temporary but it’s an incredible temporary fix that works fast.

That Velvet Revolver is amazing.  OK, I knew that (Slither is one of my favorite songs).  But I just discovered this song and love it.  How cute is Scott Weiland?

That,  aside from my friends and their two adorable babies, TJ Maxx (on 60th) and Dylan’s Candy Bar are the best things on the Upper East Side. I now have three reasons to go above 14th Street.  This freaks me out a little bit.

Bare Escentuals Well-Rested eye brightener.  Whether up too late sipping cocktails, tossing and turning or trying to beat a deadline, this little powder covers up my eyes little white lies.  Thanks to Adriana for turning me onto this!

Vitamin Water Zero.  Finally, I can sip OJ without the extra calories. I win.

That my love for my iPhone knows no bounds.  BlackBerry who?

That the best app on the iPhone is Angry Birds.  I am so addicted to this game that I have to give myself time limits on it.  Other Favorites: Fat App, Aging App and StarMaker (Karaoke with built in autotune).

Lavender Oil really is calming. 

That Bill Clinton–a man who was eating McDonald’s and giving us White House M&M’s when I knew him– is now Vegan.

That a skirt steak loving carnivore like myself could actually like something Vegan.  This miracle something?  The Kale Waldorf Salad at Whole Foods.

What have you discovered recently?