10 Things I Am Loving Now

The Teens I am Working With: They inspire & challenge me in ways I can’t even put into words.  I know some of you kiddies sneak onto my blog and I just want you to know that your success and happiness mean the world to me. Xo

Vitamin Water (Zero): This stuff is delicious (The orange “Rise” is fabulous in the AM following a champagne soaked evening).

Lunch, Dinner & Mojitos Al Fresco: The only two things I miss about La La Land Living are the Cali Mex and being able to eat Al Fresco.  Now, I just need a decent taco and I’ve won.

Acai Suppliments:  More energy, better skin and a faster metabolism? Si, Por Favor.

MDNA: I have always loved Madonna but I am really, really connecting with her latest release. My poor neighbors are going to hate me, sorry guys!

Pilates & Paleo:  Try out both for stress-free bathing suit shopping ;)

The Boys in The City: They just get so darn giddy when the girls bust out the sundresses.  Loving the lines, too, guys.  So fun (and funny!)

Friend Dates: As fun as regular dates, but tipsier.

Bebe’s New Collection: I think my Amex just met her new favorite “hot spot”.  The dresses are just darling this season (and the one below will serve me well on Miami getaways, no?)

The fact that I sent this to a friend of mine who is a well-known basketball player and he wrote back “What Does It Mean?” Really, CB?