21 Ways To Date Better

When you like someone, let them know. Don’t hint. Be direct. It doesn’t have to be complicated. “I like you” works fine.

Not everyone will be a match with you. In fact, you won’t have a connection that goes beyond the physical with most people. How could you? You are an original, after all.

There is such a thing as Karma. If they are involved with someone else, move on. If you’re involved with someone and meet someone new, make a decision and make everyone involved aware of it at the same time.

If someone wants to be with you, they will be willing to fight for you. Even children don’t give up their toys without making a stink. If they just let you walk away, thank them as they are leaving you free to meet someone who wants to walk beside you.

Amazing connections feel so special because they are uncommon. If two people meet and their spines burst into flames, their values match and they are looking in the same direction, both should take it as universal sign to stop and see if they have bumped into one of their soul mates (we have more than one). It’s less about timing and more about seizing an opportunity when it comes along. You don’t avoid picking up a diamond just because you’re running late for the train. You grab it and keep running, no?

Bad relationships happen to good people. Don’t dwell, accept it as aside effect of the love drug and keep moving.

It’s a mistake to try and toss those you meet into the few categories you’ve created in your mind. Every person is a culmination of their own experiences, wants, needs and values. Each has a story and wisdom to share. Be fair. Be patient. Be open.

People don’t like to feel hunted or as though they are merely being used in order to check off a box.

Everyone has a type. Pay attention to how sticking to yours has worked for you thus far.

Get out there and meet as many people in as many places as you can.Your dream guy or girl is likely not going to be waiting for you on a bar stool or come knocking on your door.

Most people do not enjoy having their feelings mocked or treated in a callous manner.

You’ve heard it before and that’s because it’s true: A great relationship starts with building a great relationship with yourself. When you know, value, respect and like who you are, you are less likely to spend time with someone who treats you poorly.

Finding someone to buy you a meal is easy. Be impressed by those who want to spend their love, time & attention on you.

Attention! I am about to spill the worlds greatest pickup line. Ready? “Hello.”

Love is precious. Honor it. Respect it. Cherish it, even if you don’t share it.

Sitting on a shelf for someone is a waste of time. Get out there and live your life until you meet someone who can’t wait to scoop you up.

It’s not about being in a relationship, it’s about living your life. The more you live, the more likely you are to find a lively love relationship.

We’ve all “blown it” with someone we liked. If you want to make amends or try again, reach out. The other person will likely appreciate the apology and they will let you know how they want to proceed.

Speak up. Silence is a breeding ground for miscommunication.

If you don’t feel a certain way about someone, let them know. Don’t hide (and again, don’t hint). “I am so flattered and I really care about you, but I don’t feel that way about you” works.

Sometimes you’ll have no one to call. When that happens, call a friend.