Best Life Breakdown

It’s about fresh starts and second chances.

It’s not about changing a life, but tweaking it.

It’s about the courage to do what is best for you even in the face of criticism and heartache.

It’s about balancing hope with reality and reality with hope.

It’s about choosing where to focus your energy*.

It’s about the decision to protect your peace of mind at all costs.

It’s accepting you’re better than perfect, your flaws make you perfectly you.

It’s about kindness and grace while drawing clear boundaries.

It’s about refusing to fight losing battles.

It’s about time: how you spend it, cherish it, and waste it.

It’s about using the right words when speaking to others, yourself, and the universe.

It’s about showing respect.

It’s about a strong moral fiber.

It’s about integrity and honor.

It’s about taking care of yourself on all levels and working to understanding all of your layers.

It’s about appreciation and gratitude for those around you, what you have, what you had, and life itself.

It’s about knowing when to circle back and when to let go and move on.

It’s about accepting people for who they are and not who you thought they were or  hope they will become.

It’s about making what you desire enough of a priority to sacrifice and work for it.

It’s about your best life.



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