20 Lovely Things

Edith Piaf on the radio, rain hitting the window and laundry in the dryer. 

Jasmine Tea.

Lavender Oil.

A beso. A baci. A kiss.

Knowing your worth.


Fresh flowers.

Baked goods in the oven.

Making a meal for someone you care about.

Seeing someone you care about come around the corner.

A magazine, Pajamas and a comfy bed.


A massage.

Writing in your journal in a quiet “secret garden”.

Living in the now.

Memories of loved ones who have passed.





The loyalty given to us by our furry companions (I love my Tony).


Being alive.

Damn It, Irene

Well, in case you hadn’t heard, there’s a storm a-comin’.  Thanks to Irene (a.k.a the hurricane with an attitude problem) those of us on the east coast are spending our weekend holed up, waiting for the power to go out.

Not one to sit on my patooty (I go stir crazy when I have nothing to do) I decided to make the most out of my day by baking a lasagna, brownies, grabbing a few bottles of red and inviting someone over. 

But my eatin’ and drinkin’ isn’t what this post is all about.  I thought I would share a few  tips that have come my way recently in the event you are facing (or ever face) a hurricane who won’t take no for an answer.

- Fill your bathtub with water.  You might need this to flush your commode.  Yes, I said “commode”.  I like it better than toilet.

- Have plenty of candles (and matches) or better yet, a camping lantern.  Get a flashlight.  If you waited too long to get one from the store and your alarmed-and proactive– neighbors scooped them all up, download the free flashlight app on your iPhone (if you have one).

-Bottled water is a good idea.

-Tape your windows in an X.  Don’t use super-sticky tape or you’ll have a heck of a time removing it (along with your paint) once the storm says “adios”.

-Charge your phone like crazy.  Charge your ipod, too, so that you have music to listen to while you wait for your power to be turned back on.

-Set your freezer to 0.  Don’t know why, just do it.

-Baby wipes can be used for personal hygiene.  It ain’t sexy but it is better than the alternative!

-Have a first aid kit handy.  That’s always a good idea.

-Put aside a little bit of water for teeth brushing.  I filled up a measuring cup for this purpose.

-Canned Goods are hardly gourmet cuisine, but you’ll love em’ if they are all you are able to eat thanks to no lights, refrigeration or stove.

-Do not go outside.  Sounds obvious but people can be silly.

-If you are ever trapped, do not yell.  Cover your mouth and tap on a wall, pipe or floor.

-Flood water is contaminated.  If anything you plan to place into your mouth comes in contact with it, don’t place it into your mouth.  For heavens sakes, don’t drink the stuff.

-Board games.  A good idea.

-Place important documents in sealed plastic.*

-Little furry things get scared in thunderstorms.  Have extra treats.*

*From BettyConfidential.

You Deserve This

When we start down the path of accountability and begin taking responsibility for our own happiness and our success (or lack thereof) we are likely to feel a range of emotion.  We may feel strong or scared, inspired or intimidated.  More often than not, we might start to feel a bit of shame or embarrassment as we compare our wiser, more polished selves to who we used to be or who we would like to be.

We know that what has been done cannot be undone, but doing better is the most effective way to mend wounds created by past mistakes.  If inaction has brought you a sense of failure, taking action now might yield success. If you were once a drama king or queen, staying calm and not overstating your case might bring about a respect you may have not enjoyed before.  If you have been a little “crazy in love”, learning how to love in a healthier and more independent way may bring you closer to your partner (or make you more attractive to potential partners).

The more open we are to accepting that we don’t know everything and are imperfect beings all doing the best we can in the moment, the less stuck we will be.  We will understand that life is about progression and growth and that change is possible and the only way to live our best life.  Adjustments in our behavior and direction are what allow us to move to the next level, no?

Your life is yours for the taking and the only person standing in your way is you.   It may seem as though others are holding you back or fate wants to pin you down but the truth is this: when you are successful and happy and healthy, you share that success, happiness and health with the world.  We all benefit.

Move forward into the direction of your dreams.  Study. Plan. Meditate. Dream, and most importantly, work your patooty off to finally achieve those goals you have put away on the shelf.

I believe in you.