Picks of The Day: Live Out Loud

I have been very blessed to have an incredibly supportive and inspiring family of friends in my adult life with each friend bringing something significant and profound into my world. I often say that I can close my eyes, pick a number in my phone and that person would pick up the phone at 4:00AM and rush to wherever I am. That’s a gift, and one I don’t take it lightly.

Those of you who have been following WB for some time have read the names of quite a few friends, most recognized might be Lauren Cosenza and Christopher Riano as I mention them fairly often.

This post is dedicated to them.

An incredible force with a vibrant and stunning intensity, LC literally swooped back into my life during a dark and lifeless phase and gently pushed me back into my spotlight. Living out loud is her motto, but she always makes sure that what she puts out there is worthy of announcing.”Girl, get out of your own way and step into your moment,” she said to me. “Be who you are to the fullest. Live provocatively and never worry how anyone else feels about it. The people who matter aren’t going to sit over there, trying to hold you back by hating on you.”

Always connecting new friends, she introduced me to her dear friend Christopher. We connected instantly with him becoming the Yang to Lauren’s stylish Yin. Equal parts gorgeous, brilliant and confident, Mr. Riano became a mentor to me, calling me out when necessary and giving me advice that changed my life.

“You need to get yourself a seat at the table, and when you get there, show that you belong there.” he said to me over mojito’s in Soho. “Prepare yourself, spend more time working than playing and do what you need to do to move to the head of that table.”

A month and a half later, I was in my seat.

Two months later, I was comfortable and confident while sitting there.

This post is for the two of you. I love, admire and respect you in ways you will never know. You’re two of my closest friends and inspire me in numerous ways.

I am a better, brighter, more confident and more successful me because of you.