Your Choice

You can still walk forward (though you have fear in your heart).

You can still love someone (though they have hurt you).

You can still succeed in the future (though you have failed many times in the past).

You can still help those who didn’t think (or know how) to help you.

You can still forgive those who have not asked to be forgiven.

You can argue your side of things or have faith in the truth’s ability to shine.

You can worry about what others think or do what you know is right.

You can hide behind lies or you can stand confidently in the skin of the man/woman you really are.

You can try to be perfect or simply be perfectly you.

You can give all or nothing or half.

You can let it weigh you down or you can cut it loose.

You can continue to allow resentments to fester or you can let them go and make things right.

You can sit and complain or you can take action while your lips remain still.

You can sleep in or seize the day.

You can exist or you can live.

You can settle or you can hold your life, your love, your actions and your words to a higher standard.

You choose.