Do You Flash Your Class Or Act Like An…

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Let them use those vulgar words,

You know how to express yourself intelligently.

Let them behave disrespectfully,

You know you don’t have to stand there and put up with it.

Let them play childish games,

You’ll hold the monopoly on maturity.

Let them leave nothing to the imagination,

You know how attractive mystery can be.

Let them throw tantrums like a two -year- old,

You care too much about your mental state (and reputation!) to respond in kind.

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Let them make a scene,

You like your drama contained in the theatre.

Let them get sloshy drunk,

You sip your cocktails, and when the clock strikes tipsy, you bid goodnight and retire safely in your bed.

Let them hop into a strangers bed for the price of a meal and a few cocktails,

You’d like to get to know the person behind the Black Card.

Let them attempt to treat you like you’re an option,

You’ll always be your priority and will move on to someone who shares that viewpoint.

Let them have no manners,

You won’t accommodate them.

Brenda Della Casa, Happiness, Happiness Blogs, Lifestyle sites, Lifestyle Blogs, Authors, Writers, Poetry, Editorial, Beauty, Women’s Fashion,

“There’s a big difference between a woman and a lady.”

-My Grandpa.

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She Who Is Sufficient


There was a sweeping volatility,

A loud burst of emotion,

A weeping flood,

and then,


In the stillness, she stood,

listening only to her breath.

The beat of her heart slowing down,

As the smoke replaced a glistening fire.

She had been here before,

And not so long ago,

But this time, it was different.

For she knew her way around.

No intimidation from uncertainty,

Or the slightest bit of fear,

She would navigate with logic,

and find her way out.

And her awareness of her ability to do so is what made all of the difference.

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The Right To Fight For Peace of Mind (and Heart)

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The world is yours.

Not to own or to control,

But to discover.

You have gone from girl to woman,

From boy to man, 

From who you were,

To who you are now.

This life, your life, belongs to you.

You choose whether to cower or to stand tall and stare down fear.

You decide whether or not to toast, to learn, to challenge, to move on.

You choose to smile with those who lift you up or cry with those who pull you down.

Let those who seek discomfort find it without you.

Allow those with inner battles fight without you.

Offer a helping hand, not your right arm.

Allow your good character to shield you from venom.

Count on your self-respect and awareness to protect you from manipulation.

Send love to those who toss salt upon you, but do walk away.

It is not your job to save them, nor your responsibility to protect them from themselves.

You are not here to suffer for the sins and shortcomings of others.

You are here to love and be loved.

You are here to respect and be respected.

You are here to build your best life possible without someone tearing you down.

Fight only for those who fight beside you.

And for your right to live.



Girl meetsBoy

Easy Ways To Know If He’s Worthy Of You

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Darling Girl,

You never have to ask your friends what he’s thinking, because a man who wants to be with you will let you know.

He’ll want to reach out.

He’ll want to see you.

He’ll want to take you around town on his arm.

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A man who wants to be with you (and deserves to be) will reserve your Saturday night’s before someone else does.

He will treat you with respect while you’re there…

(and even when you’re not).

He’ll look at you and smile because he enjoys your company…

He is happy that you’re with him,

And maybe even a little proud.

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He will know that games are for little boys and a woman like you needs a man.

He won’t be vague about his feelings or sit on the fence.

You’ll know what he wants and where he stands (next to you).

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He’ll listen to you,

remember the small details,

and make grand gestures.

He’ll want to wipe away tears, and not cause them.

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You will have disagreements,

Growing pains,

But he will want to work through misunderstandings,

and he will know how to forgive.

When it’s right, you won’t have knots,

you’ll have butterflies.

And he won’t make you wonder,

he’ll just make you feel wonderful.

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Things No Girl Should Ever Do

Think she needs to be less like herself and more like him.

Worry about his ex or his new girlfriend.

Avoid applying for her dream job because she thinks there’s no way she can get it.

Accept disrespect of any kind at any time.

Treat the things & people in her life disrespectfully.  Fix your heels, clean your space and appreciate your friends.

Choose staying in and crying over him over anything with her girlfriends.

Allow herself to be threatened into submission.

Be put in a position where she feels she needs to “compete” with other women for attention, affection or love.

Allow a number on a scale to weigh her worth.

Worry about finding a prince. You’re a queen. Rule your kingdom and find a King who rules his.

Waste her time trying to get someone to give her the time of day.

Go out without enough money to buy her own drinks, dinner and cover a cab ride home.

Think that she is more or less than anyone else.

Talk bad about other women, herself included.

Talk herself into an anxiety attack or out of a workout.

Allow herself to be pulled down to levels she’s already beaten and won.

Wait around for someone who doesn’t know what he wants



Don’t Let Anyone Reign On Your Parade

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Don’t try and make sense out of nonsense.

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Expect respect at all times.

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Remember that you deserve a king.

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And banish those who don’t treat you well from your kingdom.

“Though the sex to which I belong is considered weak,you will nevertheless find me a rock that bends to no wind.”

Queen Elizabeth I


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You, in Full Bloom

Say only what you mean to say instead of trying to get a reaction.

Embrace your vulnerabilities for they are what make you relatable and human.

Walk comfortably in your own skin, own your space.

Earn the right to evoke a quiet pride.

Walk away from those who do not show you respect.

Love with great enthusiasm but do not chase someone who only seeks to exhaust you.

Watch yourself blossom.