10 Things I Am Loving Now

The Departed:  Between Martin’s direction, Matt Damon’s charm, Mark Wahlberg’s cutting remarks, Jack Nicholson’s all-around badassability and Leo’s everything, it’s a perfect movie night standby.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Peel Pads: Two pads, four minutes and you’ve got yourself a facial.

Pre-Spring Cleaning: Pushing yourself to let go of things that keep you editing chapters of your life that need to be closed is scary, liberating and necessary.

Hemingway: As a writer, I should know much more about him than I do but the reality is that I have always been Alexandre’s* girl. While I dig Papa’s** literary style, I’m especially interested in his character and broodish-yet-colorful outlook on life.  I mean, how could I not love learning about the man who befriended Ava Gardner, brought her to Spain and  ultimately helped put the stake through the heart of her marriage to Frank Sinatra***?

The Algenist Skincare System: Their stuff is not cheap, but it works–fast.

Living Like Elizabeth: It’s old news that I love  Old-Hollywood but every once in a while, I like to have a “Live Like Liz” period where I re-read her fantastic quotes, indulge in her biographies and get inspired by her fire, independence, gluttonous glamour and intense passion for life.

My Evita Tickets: Getting the tickets for my orchestra seats to see Ricky Martin as Che was enough to have me squealing in the mail room! You can bet your bom-bom I will be at the stage door for a glimpse (and a pic) with the cutest man this side of Enrique.

Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs: Need a quick tan or to cover a tattoo? All you need is $13.00 and a drug store.

Black Nail Polish: My girlfriend had it on her nails and I just had to try it.  Once dry, I ran up to her and said, “Look, goth nails” and she shook her head. “Just so you know, black nail polish is chic and has not been goth for over a decade.” Well, alrighty then. Note: The one from Opi works really well and stays super-shiny.

Madonna’s New Album Cover: Love her to pieces and love the new cover (makes me think of Confessions) but her MDNA title seems a little young and silly–ecstasy references, really?


** Hemingway’s nickname.

***Hemingway introduced Ava to Bullfighting and the Spanish bullfighter she publicly seduced.  It’s not like any man could resist “The World’s Most Beautiful Animal.”